GIS Data

The following Shapefiles of St. James Parish are available for free download below. In order to view these Shapefiles you must have the program, like ArcExplorer, installed on your personal computer. Download ArcExplorer free from ESRI after creating an account. Please click on the image below or link above to be redirected to ESRI, and choose the installation that is best suited for you and your computer. Instructions and help with ArcExplorer can be found here.

Download FileSt. James Parish Land Classes 2015
Download FileWards 2015
Download FileAddress 2019
Download FileBuilding Footprints 2019
Download FileClines (Streets) 2019
Download FileDistricts 2015
Download FileFire Districts 2010
Download FileLots 2019
Download FilePLSS 2010
Download FileTax Parcel 2019
Download FileWards 2013



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