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Part IV --- The Information - Sunday, January 1, 2012

The fair market value the assessor calculates for your property is based on the data collected. In 1998 and 1999 the St. James Parish Assessor's Office measured every structure in the parish. We sent out personnel to homes and businesses to accurately measure each building. We assume these measurements are correct. If any homeowner or business owner feels like the information the assessor has is incorrect, please give us a call --- we do not want anyone paying $1.00 more in taxes than he/she should be. The assessor's office will setup a time, at your convenience, to measure and make sure we have the right information for your home or business. Along with measurements, our office needs other basic information such as the number of baths and bedrooms, year built, and any other information that will help us determine the proper value. Once we have updated information, we will generate a new value. If you feel the new value is incorrect, then we will ask about insurance coverage. The dollar amount of insurance coverage on the dwelling and extended dwelling or other building such as garages, storage, recreation or apartments which we refer to as outbuildings, will help us determine the accuracy of our value. Normally insurance companies cover the replacement cost, which means in the event of a 100% loss they will replace that structure with a building of equal utility. The land is not included in the replacement cost value. If a homeowner still believes the value is incorrect, a recent independent appraisal would be additional information the assessor can use to determine the proper value.

The St. James Parish Assessor's Office uses the latest statistical and computer aided mass appraisal (Cama) software to accurately determine fair market values. These values are only correct if we have accurate information concerning your home. Recently, I attended two weeks of intensive class room study as well as computer labs to learn the most recent technology in residential modeling. Uniformity is immensely important as to fairness in property taxation and I am dedicated to the task of providing St. James Parish taxpayers with only the best. The assessor's office in the coming weeks will have an updated and improved website with tax roll information as well as interactive maps where users can search for property information.

Please direct questions to the St. James Parish Assessor's Office.


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